♥ 21st Birthday Critter ♥


♥ Michelle’s 21st Birthday Critter ♥

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2012 Christmas commission ♥

2012 Christmas commission ♥

Welcome Schnookie Von-Schnitzel ♥

Here is our latest arrival, Schnookie Von-Schnitzel, our adoreable soft and squishy rabbit who is nearly set for her big adventure all the way to Newcastle to live with her new owner Rosie, she is so excited ♥
Hope you like her Kim ♥

New Peerie Critter packaging ♥

Ive had a bit of time between making my last commission and their collecting it due to various things so I got to thinking about their packaging which I had previously made out of the Shetland Times Newspaper however as the critters have gotten bigger the bags were just not substantial enough….I was beginning to obsess about a solution!
 Then in a blinding flash of light, well not quiet but it felt like it I figured that the obvious was sitting in front of me,
 I sew do I not so why not make bags to match the critters???

 Here are my first 3 for Ociluna Schnooglebum, Cora & Narfi the Viking Gnome.
I hope you like them ♥

Summer commission & handmade labels ♥

Ive finished my latest Critters commission ♥ Cora the rabbit Critter ♥ Ocieluna Schnooglebum the Faery Critter & Narfi the Viking Gnome ♥ Its taken longer as I originally anticipated due to various external things requiring my attention but overall im really happy with them and ive had to keep them well away from the little people who like them very much!!
 Id like to get future orders turned over more quickly, im too impatient and find my creativity stagnates when working on something for too long as ive not the time to try out new ideas which are prolific at the moment and have included my little ‘Peerie Critters’ machine embroidered labels which are also one of a kind!!!
Here they are, I hope you love them as much as we do ♥

‘Cora’ the Rabbit Critter

‘Ocieluna Schnooglebum’ the Faery Critter

‘Narfi’ the Viking gnome

Sinclair the crofter

Sinclair is inspired by a crofter I knew as a peerie lass (little girl) He lived on the south end of the Island running a croft on the land surrounding the beautiful Peerie voe, he was kind of heart and gentle in character and I was so fond of him.
 Sinclair the Peerie Critter has a map of the Islands (most of the Islands) so as not to get lost and a toorie cap (hat) to keep his lugs (ears) warm. He is for sale in the Peerie Critters etsy shop

This is Colossal..

Brilliant blog set up by this guy Christopher Jobson over in chicago, Its fantastic and ive spent more hours than are probably good for me perusing its pages rather than getting on with the job of creating more critters…! Tomorrow is another day, Its all inspiration, isnt it?!
Check it out here http://thisiscolossal.com/visual-archive/
Fantastic works by Argentine artist Pablo Lehmann