I’m Freya,  Creator of the Peerie Critters!
I’m a self-taught Textile artist & maker living & working in the Shetland Isles, where run my home based business whilst juggling space, time and small people!
My business is based around making things from my imagination, no great surprise as ive spent my life drawing, painting, cutting, gluing and to my mums despair ‘Sellotaping’ everything and anything my mind could think up (she claimed to be picking Sellotape off carpets & every surface known to man throughout my entire childhood)

From drawing on my knee’s as a toddler to making cardboard Spaceships,  If I could think it up I was pretty sure I could make it & that’s where nothings changed, I’ve just progressed from poster paints to children’s murals, from sellotape to sewing machine’s.

The Making of Peerie Critters

The whole concept started late in 2010 brought about by one dark Winter, two under 5’s, a jumper I could no longer squeeze our son into and as previously mentioned , a life long belief that if I can think something up then I can probably make it.

With all this in mind I suppressed my inner hoarders desire to pop this lovely ‘Keepsake’ item into the Attic to be forgotten about and instead indulged my inner creator which led me to my then marginal sewing box where with a rough idea of what I wanted to create I began snipping and sewing.

What transformed was a long armed zippy mouthed monster that went on to be adored by our son and other children alike so when parents and teachers began asking me where I had purchased this creation ‘Peerie Critters’ came into being.

 I began refining my designs and 5 years later I run a successful small business giving new life to a variety of items that would otherwise be packed away or discarded producing the uniquely recognisable © Peerie Critters many of which have traveled far and wide from America to New Zealand, each one carrying the CE toy safety mark, in addition to which I commission Unique bespoke Collector pieces.

Peerie Critters comply with CE safety standards
In addition to which I commission unique bespoke collector pieces.
Copyright © 2010-2018 Peerie Critters. All Rights Reserved.


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