Imitation (really IS) The Sincerest Form Of Stealing Someone’s Design…….

Copyright.svgIve spent an interesting 24 hours looking into intellectual property rights, Copyright’s and design rights & have read a few very interesting articles on the subject.

Being a creator and designer I have found out the hard way that its worth being informed, forewarned IS forearmed

What spurred this sudden interest in the law? Well that would be the unscrupulous ‘liker’ of my designs who purchased my creations then proceeded to replicate my designs including my business model and fob them off as her own……..

I think it was presumed that I would not find out but its a small world and really especially when it comes to someone blatantly stealing something that is part of you, that you designed & created there is no flattery,

                                     Imitation being the sincerest form of stealing someone’s design………

Im currently seeking legal advise on the subject, Update to follow!

The title of my post? well it was inspired by an article I read:

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