Summer commission & handmade labels ♥

Ive finished my latest Critters commission ♥ Cora the rabbit Critter ♥ Ocieluna Schnooglebum the Faery Critter & Narfi the Viking Gnome ♥ Its taken longer as I originally anticipated due to various external things requiring my attention but overall im really happy with them and ive had to keep them well away from the little people who like them very much!!
 Id like to get future orders turned over more quickly, im too impatient and find my creativity stagnates when working on something for too long as ive not the time to try out new ideas which are prolific at the moment and have included my little ‘Peerie Critters’ machine embroidered labels which are also one of a kind!!!
Here they are, I hope you love them as much as we do ♥

‘Cora’ the Rabbit Critter

‘Ocieluna Schnooglebum’ the Faery Critter

‘Narfi’ the Viking gnome

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