Peerie Trowie

Peerie Trowie has just been finished! 
He is like the original Trowie who is in the Gallery but was not for small people, He is double stitched with safety eyes and internal rattle Trowie is the perfect company for any peerie person. I think there will be a few more made afore long.

A trow or trowe is a creature from Shetland folklore. They are Shetland’s version of the elf, troll, 
goblin, gremlin etc

Many trowes live underground in mounds.
Unlike the usual Scandinavian trolls, in Shetland, trowes can live in the sea as well.
They are often said to be very musical, and that some Shetland fiddle tunes originate with them.
Trows tend to get a ‘bad press’, and often get the blame for anything that goes wrong.
The statement “A Computer Gremlin” could well be “A computer Trow” is just about the same.

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