Storage, Sushi & the NEW Gnome additions

Yesterday a storage solution came in the form of an old 1960 / 70′ sideboard for £15 Bargain!, Im ecstatc! It could do with some TLC in the form of a makeover, vintage decoupage keeps coming to mind but until then its perfect as it is, and really isnt as orange as it looks in the picture.
 Goodbye forever rickety desk and temporarily to clutter chaos, hello storage work station and sturdy home for my beloved 1970’s Husqvarna sewing maching that I inherited from my mum.

Now Im wondering where to begin about the Sushi…I bought it today having been tempted for a very long time, Ive no idea why as im not a fishy person, unfortunate really being brought up in the Shetland Isles with its fishing heritage although I think there is little connection between the herring that was landed here and the replica ‘Tesco’ sushi I tried today anyway I digress, SO it was not good, It was fishy.
 I so wanted to like it, I really did and  as when I try to eat smoked mackrel my brain says yes yummy till I get it in my mouth which gets very confused shouting fishy fishy fishy…NO then my stomach joins in and contemplates rejecting the lot, SUSHI FAIL.  Only bonus, the small ‘fish’ shaped soy sauce? holders, I will be keeping them.

 Finally here I have the New gnomey additions, machine sewn, safety eyed and filled with rattley things along with their weighted feet and arms these not so peerie gnomes are destined for their new homes along with another 1 who shall be equally different and a critter that im in the process of designing.

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