More Critter commissions

Im really excited about the amount of interest the Peerie Critters have received since setting up the Peerie Critters facebook page just about a month ago ( and im so grateful to everyone for their positive comments, its been incredible!!
 So far Ive completed 5 Commissions this month and ive just confirmed an order for a further 4!!
  Im going to be so busy sewing I may have to take a moment to ponder how the housework will possibly get done or even how I will feed the kids…..or not. 
  Seeing as im going to be stuck in my ‘studio‘ i probably should…or not. 
  Haha ‘studio’ (posh word for bedroom) If only I actually had a studio! I suppose ive the quickest way of getting to work, I roll out of bed and im practically sitting at my ‘work station‘ (another posh word for daughters old desk propped up by wall and storage cupboard)
 So I guess Fuzbit and Remo may have to go on the back burner for a bit although im not entirely sure I can do that as I could hardly sleep last night for my brain working in overdrive designing them…..Im just too excited for my own good!!!

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